Intro to Docker [with Java Examples]

An introduction to Docker covering the most important concepts you need to understand to start using Docker. I’m using a java application for my examples but the same basic concepts apply for any technology you’re using for your applications.

Intro to Docker – Part 2

(Networking, Docker Compose)

In part 2, we pick up where we left off with part 1 and explain a few more concepts that are important to understand when using Docker, especially around networking which quickly comes up as soon as your application starts using multiple containers. We also explain why and how to use Docker Compose.

Docker in IntelliJ IDEA

Learn how to use Docker features in IntelliJ IDEA.

Azure in IntelliJ IDEA

Learn how to use Azure in IntelliJ IDEA to create, develop and deploy your applications to the cloud.

AWS in IntelliJ IDEA

Learn how to use AWS in IntelliJ IDEA.

Working with Hibernate/JPA

Learn how to use Hibernate and JPA features in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

Getting Started with Spring Data JPA

MongoDB with Docker in IntelliJ IDEA

Trisha Gee and I walk through how to setup MongoDB in a Docker container using IntelliJ IDEA. I absolutely loved recording this video and pairing with Trisha.

Creating a Simple Jakarta Persistence/JPA Application

In this tutorial, we’ll create a simple Jakarta Persistence application in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. Jakarta Persistence is the new name for the Java Persistence APIs, also known as JPA. These APIs allow you to store, access, and manage Java objects in a relational database.

Creating Your First Jakarta EE Application

In this tutorial, we’ll create a simple Jakarta EE web application that displays a “Hello World” message in our browser. We will be using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate to take advantage of the enterprise features available to us.