About Me

I’m a Product Manager at Microsoft. I have worked in the technology industry for many years as a software developer, developer team lead and developer advocate. I love teaching and creating content to make technology easier and more accessible. I’m also passionate about building welcoming and inclusive spaces for anyone interested in technology.


Intro to Docker [with Java Examples]

An introduction to Docker covering the most important concepts you need to understand to start using Docker. I’m using a java application for my examples but the same basic concepts apply for any technology you’re using for your applications.


Migrating Beyond Java 8

Are you thinking about migrating your application to Java 11 or newer and wondering what is going to break? Learn how to prepare you for the issues you will encounter during your own application migration and learn about tools that will make the process easier.



Working with Hibernate/JPA

Learn how to use Hibernate and JPA features in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.